27 Jun

COME SEE OUR 2% - Just in time for the 4th!

Just in time for the Fourth of July, On the Limit is proud to spotlight the newest display in our show room.


MADE IN THE USA is a collection of garments made right here! No outsourcing, no shipping all over the world…what you will see in this display was manufactured in the USA and decorated here at On the Limit.


You will be surprised at the variety of clothing available from our homeland manufacturers—everything from fleece vests to the standard tees and sweatshirts.


And as you peruse the garments on display, you will be able to touch and feel a variety of new decoration options for clothing. We love our screen printing and embroidery to be sure; but there are lots of new options to make your clothing and other materials shine.


In the 1950-60’s, all of the clothing we bought in the USA was produced in our country. In the 1990’s, the percentage of clothing purchased that was made in the USA dropped to 50%. Today we manufacture 2% of the clothing we purchase. So, come to On the Limit and see some of that 2%!!!!